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Bolshevik's leadership. Bolshevik’s leadership.

“We are, essentially, a party of revolutionary action, not merely of revolutionary education prepared for many years to come” — this was the reply usually given by the Bolsheviki to the Mensheviki, who were demanding more “democratic” organization. “Our foe, Capitalism, and its chief instrument in its struggle against us — the governmental machine — are powerful just because of their centralism. If we intend to defeat this enemy of ours, if we desire to bring our struggle to a successful revolutionary seizure of the state power, we should be equally centralized, democratically centralized, and equally united by a common will, which is being changed through democratic discipline and unity of action. The difference is only in the character of that centralism. While capitalist centralism is autocratic, the centralism of the suppression of the will of the majority on a ‘united minority,’ our organization centralism should be the…

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