Gonzalo Munévar has started a new blog, Feyerabend’s Revolution, devoted to exploring the continuing revolutionary potential of the philosophy of Paul Feyerabend.

With Gonzalo Munevar, I too think that Paul Feyerabend is the best candidate for the epithet of “most valuable philosopher of the 20th Century“, although I would put Gilles Deleuze on an equal footing. Feyerabend’s philosophy is unjustly neglected for rather petty reasons of philosophical history. His arguments against a single fixed scientific method were initially resisted quite aggressively, giving rise to the image of Feyerabend as a crazy or a charlatan. Then many of his views were silently adopted as obvious, without much acknowledgement being given to Feyerabend’s writings.

This reception based on bitter resistance followed by placid acceptance gave rise to a new image of Feyerabend as someone who presented well-known and not very controversial ideas in a histrionic style. His ideas were…

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