In the Vape

Guest Post By: Audry Hall, San Rafael CA

For the die hard vapor not being able to smoke a cigarette ever again in this lifetime is a fact most anti-vapor and non smokers who also classify vaping products with tobacco have yet to understand.

Reading statements by agencies that tells me that vaping is a gateway to tobacco just makes me want to scream. As a longtime smoker who could not quit with any of the crappy options on the market, vaping offered me what all other smoking sensation products couldn’t, a real chance to be free of cigarettes.

Perhaps unknowingly, e-liquid creators did the one thing no other product designed for quitting smoking could, they changed a person’s palate to desire flavors of fruit, desserts, cereal options and custards in place of sucking on the tailpipe of a car flavor found in every traditional cigarette.

With all this said…

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