By Stanton Peele

Source: The Fix

What if more—and more open—use leads to fewer drug problems?

What if more—and more open—use leads to fewer addictive problems?

We live in a strangely schizoid society. Alcohol is legal so eventually most of us drink and enjoy drinking. Yet, we are preoccupied with the dangers of alcohol—no organization has greater prestige and acceptance in America than Alcoholics Anonymous, which conveys the view that alcohol can be deadly and uncontrollable.

What message are we sending to young people? Is alcohol good or bad? Now, we have added marijuana into this confusing mix. Until recently, marijuana was illegal and we could safely declare to kids that it was unhealthy and bad.

In America, this confident assertion about substances is undergirded by science. This is the “science that shows addiction, whether it’s of [sic] drugs or alcohol, significantly changes a person’s brain. These changes result in compulsive…

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