In LOGICS OF WORLDS Badiou tells us:

“the traversal of the antiphilosophy of Lacan still remains a necessary exercise for those who are breaking free from the reactive convergences of religion and of scientism” (page 523, translation modified by me).

There is an unequal treatment given to religion and to scientism in this quote. Scientism is the suture of science and philosophy, whereas religion is treated as if it were in itself a case of suture. It seems preferable to talk of breaking free from scientism and from religionism, where religionism is the illegitimate suture of religion and philosophy, bending the criteria of truth of philosophy to those of religious doctrine. As Badiou tells us in his HEIDEGGER seminar: “”no doctrine is ever the condition of philosophy” (my translation). This applies not just to religion, but also to science, love, poetry, and politics.

There remains the question of the dated…

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