If one says that the laws of reason aren’t a learned human construct that serves as a tool to discern the Real but are the very laws create and put into motion this totality in which we dwell, then you have just succeeded in deifying reason. During the French Revolution they installed a goddess of Reason. This wasn’t merely a mockery of Christianity but a profoundly RELIGIOUS act in and of itself. They replaced Yahweh with Athena. They went back to their “old time religion”.     Note to the reader : This note is just one of my ponderings and is not to be taken as statements of fact. Indeed probably ninety percent of my posts are just things that I find interesting, or on the rare occasion where I put out my own statements, I’m just thinking out loud and one shouldn’t assume that I have come to some sort conviction on a subject. Anything however that concerns my faith in Christ should be taken dead seriously because I’m not ashamed of the Gospel.