I have only read half of this, but so far it is excellent if you need help in taking up a serious study of Marxism. Both pro and anti Marxists are woefully ignorant on the subject which stirs up such strong passions and it will serve both sides well to do a serious and systematic study on the subject. By the way, I include myself regarding this task.

Philosophers for Change


by Louis Althusser

Marxism constitutes one of the main currents of contemporary thought. By now, there is no counting the works that set out to expound, combat, or even ‘supersede’ it. It is already no easy task to find the path that cuts through this mass of polemical works and leads to the texts. Moreover, there are a great many of these texts. The (incomplete) French edition of the works of Marx and Engels published by Costes comprises some sixty volumes; that published by Editions Sociales more than twenty; the (incomplete) edition of Lenin’s works includes some twenty volumes; the edition of Stalin’s, some fifteen; and so on … But the fact that there are so many texts is not the only problem. The Marxist canon spans an historical period that stretches from 1840 to the present, and raises problems that have fuelled polemics: the nature of Marx’s early works…

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