Blue Labyrinths

Philip K. Dick is, without a doubt, one of the most interesting writers of the 20th century. His prose is clunky, and dialogue is sometimes dodgy, yet worth traversing through to unearth his often-profound ideas. He seems to be known mostly for the way he treats reality and not without good reason. Every book I have read by PKD has dealt explicitly with reality, often challenging the ‘realness’ of reality, and exploring what it might be like to live in a ‘false reality.’ Interesting topic? Certainly. But so much more than reality can be gleaned from Dick if we read closely.

At first, as I read Martian Time-Slip, I didn’t record anything, expecting to treated to ideas on reality and nothing more. But as the ideas started piling up, I thought my reading would be more fruitful if I noted the ideas or themes found in the novel. My…

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